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This Time

by James & Black

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NOTHING LEFT TO DO words and music by B. James Watching shadows on the wall and the bartender screams "last call" I'm in the corner with my head in a drink, to myself I quietly think So many things to get you off, I cough and I scoff and take another drag of my cigarette I don't mind if the sun don't shine, cloudy weather suits me fine Pour another glass of wine on the bar, tonight I think I'll be a superstar How can you mend a heart that's broken in two When you've done all you can and there's nothing left to do The room is still and thick with smoke, so thick it makes you choke The crowd files in, coffee's kicking in and my patience wearing thin I'm lonelier than a single sax on quiet city street Things aren't always greener on the sunny side of the street
FOR NO REASON words and music by B. James I'll show you mine if you show me yours This heart of mine will always be yours Our souls are bound by the mystery Of life and love and what's above Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down This crazy world just keeps spinning around We do what we do with absolute truth Sometimes you gotta get lost just to be found You make me smile for no reason You make laugh tears of joy You are the sun in all seasons Everything that I adore Your smile is the key to my sanity Your style and grace burn like the sun Your words escape like pillars of truth I know that you know that we have already won
Right On 03:06
RIGHT ON words and music by B. James Do you see what I see? Colors are the same thing Do you hear what I hear? Sounds the same in your ears We all have our own way We all walk the same way Can't you see that you and me We're both fighting for the same thing You are as free as you want to be Right on, right on – everybody say right on If I do, if I don't - if you will, if you won't When I do what I do Pay no mind, look straight through When you do what you do Got your back, see it through Can't you see, you and me We're both fighting for the same thing
Golden Boy 03:36
GOLDEN BOY words by B.Black; music by B.James Golden boy, once alive but now he's dead The cops they pumped him full of lead Golden boy, Golden boy We place the crown upon his head The coffin now his resting bed He was the golden boy A bullet in the back is what the coroner said Another black boy on the corner dead Now mama crying everyday can't get out of bed Pale version of herself goin' out of her head Her golden child, he was made for the good life Where's the future for him a child and a wife On his way to the store you heard this story On the news before Mistaken identity, trademark hypocrisy Now he must be an angel watching over me Ran away from the pig cause he was scared as hell Better he gone than locked up in county jail Mama gave me a shirt to wear his face on my chest Say a prayer for him every night, God bless Hope he's drinking Ambrosia from the holy grail Another victim on earth who justice has failed Golden boy Can you hear me Golden boy Once alive but now he's dead The cops they pumped him full of lead Golden boy
This Time 04:00
THIS TIME words and music by B. James It’s all coming back to me now, running 'round this old town I left my heart on your front door and I haven't seen it since Do you think of me like I think of you? Do your emerald eyes see shades of blue? I see your face on every city bus – face so close our eyelids touch This time I will make each moment last This time I won't let you pass me by This time, this time Got an Italian guitar made in 1963 – with a checkered history A well woven mystery – like the way you smile back at me You never fall completely out of love if you do it right Who keeps you warm at night? What makes you tremble in fright? Ghosts on every corner – dogs in a busy street The piano man's got my number every time we meet Notice you, notice me – stepping stones across a stormy sea These days it’s all I can do
Jonah 04:06
JONAH words by B. Black; music by B. James Sent on a mission to preach the word of God But he ran the opposite way, didn't believe he was the chosen one From above the hand of correction. descended below As the waves of the sea tossed the ship to and fro The crew of sailors were frightened bad, drew straws to find out why Just why disaster struck them down – He said “no need for y'all to die” Confessed he'd run from God, 't was a task he couldn't face but If they'd throw him now overboard said the storm would fade away I cry Jonah, Jonah Shut up in the belly of the whale For three days and nights in there He prayed without fail Lord I'm in trouble – I'm in misery He heard my cry, set me free And now my souls at ease The whale threw up Jonah upon the sandy shore – to spread the word That in forty days Nineveh would be no more – folk took heed from rich to poor Dressed in burlap to show repent – “Lord I'm in trouble, lend an ear to my plea.” He heard my cry set me free. And now my souls at ease.
NOLA 03:13
NOLA words and music by B. James He came from New Orleans with a habit and a dream Hollywood lights. Malibu nights, he was the best I'd ever seen He was a junkie’s junky, a friend of mine New Orleans spit him out on Los Angeles time His heart beat a second line, his blood ram crescent moon He said he lost his baby girl in the flood from the monsoon Been around the world, played with the very nest Went to New York City with a tightly clenched fist It was a routine heist for a modest payola Then again, there ain't nothing modest about nine years in Angola Not sure if he found God, or if God found him They say that everyone finds God after nine years in the pen
GOLDEN SLUMBERS/CARRY THAT WEIGHT words and music by P. McCartney and J. Lennon Once there was a way, to get back homeward. Once there was a way to get back home. Sleep, pretty darling, Dot not cry And I will sing a lullaby. Golden slumbers fill your eyes Smiles await you when you rise Sleep pretty darling. Do not cry And I will sing a lullaby. Boy, you’re going to carry that weight Carry that weight a long time
EVERYDAY (WALKING IN SUNSHINE) words by B. Black and B. James; music by B. James Every day I'm walkin' in sunshine Every night I dance on the moon And when it starts to rain I paint rainbow stars in the sky The earth is yours and mine to behold Everyone has a story to be told And the day will come When you must take a stand be your own man I know sometimes we all get weary When it's cold outside, so dark and dreary They say, nothin' lasts forever Don't need the sun to change the weather I know these are trying times If you see me sinkin', throw me a line You & I, we can make it through In the eye of the storm, You can always see the sun shining through
Postcard 03:59
POSTCARD words by B. Black; music by B. James It's a beautiful sunny day in LA I walked out to get the mail There's a postcard that says “you're invited I'm soon to be wed” I can't believe my eyes you're walking down the aisle Does anyone object? So I'm coming home – I'm catching the first thing smoking The music, the road and the fame I put it all to the side To see the love in your eyes Tell me why do we do this to ourselves When you find that one love who will stand the test The grass isn't always greener on the other side Tell me if you married How will I survive I stand before you now I've been changed Ready to stake my claim Forever's right here in my arms I never meant you no harm
PREFER IT BLACK AND WHITE words and music by B. James How so perfectly delightful to be so Goddamn sure When the words only fail me and the pictures aren’t much better The storie's being told in a thousand different cities Who would have thought that insanity could carry me this far Been dizzy a couple of weeks now, wacky on the junk Give me some time to sort my mind, rethink the thoughts I've thunk I've seen it all in color but prefer it black and white It's hard to hold on when the memories are gone


Bruce James – Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Wurlitzer,
Philicorda, vibraphone, percussion, vocals
Bella Black – Vocals
Nicolas Thys – Bass
Fumihito Sugawara – Guitar
Mischa Den Haring – Guitar on 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11
Gerry Fiévé – Drums and percussion on 3, 8
Toon Oomen – Drums on 4,6,7
Jordi Geuens – Drums on 2, 11
Mark Stoop – Drums and percussion on 1,5,8,10
Dree Peremans – Trombone
Jeroen Capens – Saxophone
Loic Dumoulin – Trumpet
Alain Chenneviere- Baritone vocals on 4
Jean Pol Van Ham – Guitar on 3
DJ Grazzhoppa – Turntables
Andrea Carozzo – Accordion


released July 12, 2017

Produced by Jean Pol Van Ham and Bruce James
Recorded and mixed by Johan Breton and Jean Pol Van Ham at Magnet Studios, Herent BE, from May 2016
until May 2017.
Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Studio Solie, Seattle WA, USA
Executive producers: Jean Pol Van Ham, Gerry Fiévé, Francois Maincent and Andre Brodzki
Cover photos and insert photos by Filip Wouters
Photos on the front and back of the insert by Bruce James and Filip Wouters
Graphic design and layout by Fumihito Sugawara
All songs written by James & Black; © & Junkyard Soul BMI except “Golden Sumbers/Carry That Weight” by
Paul MacCartney and John Lennon; © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


all rights reserved



James & Black Earth, Texas

Bruce James and Bella Black joined musical forces in Austin, Texas in 2011 and have been on a mission spreading the word of Guerrilla Soul ever since. The roots of their music definitely spring from the tradition of the Southern Soul from Texas, New Orleans and Memphis, yet they are not a throwback. ... more

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